This game was created in 100 hours for the Extra Credits Jam #4, the theme of which was "Connect". Our interpretation of "Connect" was the way people connect to each other, not only romantically, but through making food for each other. As such, our game is a cross between a cooking game and a dating sim, where you perform cooking actions to determine your responses.

This game is controlled with either WASD or the arrow keys and the space bar.

If playing on Windows, simply download the .zip file, extract the files, and run the Compliments from the Chef executable.

Marcus Holm (@HolmBoyQ)- Engineering, Design, Production
Light Bates (@LightDiscordant)- Art, Design, Production
Galen Frese - Writing
Caitlin McLaughlin (@Thunder_Horns) - Art

"Winter Fun" by TeknoAXE

Tyler McCombs
Ben Decker



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A cute, fun, mini-game filled game. 

Critique: The instruction flashed too fast and because they were in the middle of the screen I naturally tried to read what my date was saying first, and the text disappeared. Either a click to dismiss or better positioning would help in that respect. I also accidentally skipped over part two on my first date thinking I should click to continue. 

The Good: The music both fit and was just the right amount of background to not distract from everything else. I liked how connected all the art, actions, and overall style was. 

Was a fun little game. Great work to all of you.

I don't know why I love the menu having prices so much, but I do. :-)

I really enjoyed this game! The mini game format for a dating sim is really unique and fun.